I achieved my eagle scout in 2018 through years of hard work and dedication. I learned many valuable skills I use to this day along with making tons of fun memories and making lifetime friends. Some of the merit badges that I achieved includes first aid, cooking, personal fitness, personal management, swimming and much much more. To achieve my eagle scout I had to plan, document, finance, and lead a major project to impact the community in a positive way. For my project I spent months creating, planning, financing, and getting approval. I chose to grow a garden over a summer and donate all of the proceeds to a local food bank. Fresh vegetables were one of the most desired items by people who need ed it most I was told my food bank volunteers. I am proud to say that I was able to donate over 300 lbs of fresh vegetables In one summer.


In the summer of 2018 I decided I want to try pole vaulting at a camp that was 3 days at a college campus where you would eat, sleep, and train. At the beginning it was slow as the training consisted of mainly strength, conditioning, and drills but, when I had a pole in my hands and a pit to jump into the entire sport changed. I fell in love with jumping and flying with the pole and wanted to get better and be amazing. Since that day I grew more and more obsessed with the sport and even though I had major roadblocks like COVID-19 pandemic in my sophomore year and a bulging disc in my back in my senior year I persisted and was rewarded with many great memories and the introduction to meet many new, interesting and inspiring people. I still take the grit, perseverance, and strong work ethic I gained in my vaulting career to the current day ventures.