Why Software Engineering?

As a child I loved building Lego's, messing with computers and building little inventions with an old erector set I bought at an antique store. I always enjoyed building and switching parts on the old computers in the basement of my parent’s home I grew up in. I then discovered my grandfather had a whole semi trailer full of parts and that sparked our lengthy conversations about computers. All throughout my life I have been obsessed with finding ways to make life easier and more efficient and computers were the ultimate example for that.

Why Western Governors University?

The first time I saw Western Governors University I was a bit skeptical as I had heard so many things about unaccredited schools taking people’s money and such. As I dug deeper and learned more about the program my interested was piqued. I learned that they had an asynchronous schedule and flexibility which would allow me to do things during the day such as a job and still be able to complete my schoolwork. Another thing that caught my eye was the pricing and the pay schedule. It is one of the lowest tuition’s that I know and the way the pay schedule is set up makes it extra budget friendly. They also incentivize you to finish your classes faster as they charge every 6 months instead of by the semester. This brings me to my last point which is that because of WGU I am going to graduate early and be able to launch into the field with prior experience and a bachelors of science.